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Butterfly 2.26 - Android

Release Notes

This release contains new functionality, bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you have any questions or need support, visit support.butterflynetwork.com. Thank you for being part of the Butterfly community!

Known Issues

  • A "normal" (higher energy) setting for obstetrics is not currently available for iQ+. The "low" setting has been validated as producing diagnostically acceptable images. Switching to "normal" in the obstetrics preset will not increase the energy at this time.

  • After moving the Sample Volume in Pulsed Doppler mode, the trace may not always restart.

  • Users may encounter a loading error when opening the Notifications tab or when trying to mark all notifications as Read.

  • OnePlus 9 Pro users may encounter a probe connection issue that prevents imaging.

  • Users may experience lower frame rates while imaging on Android devices with lower processing power.

  • When clicking on a study QA notification received on the mobile, the specific study that was QA'd may not always be displayed to the user.

  • Users with Pro Custom subscriptions are unable to access Butterfly Academy from the mobile app

Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.

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