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User Manual

The Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3 User Manual represents the official information for use of the Butterfly iQ/iQ+ ultrasound device. It contains all warning and operating information required for the safe and effective use of the Butterfly device.

The Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3 Knowledge Base contains supplemental information that is not necessary for the use of the ultrasound probe.

To view and/or download the latest version of the Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3 User Manual, please select the applicable manual below:

Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3

Butterfly iQ Vet/iQ+ Vet

You can also find the latest version of the User Manual:

  • In the settings portion of your Butterfly app 
  • By clicking the 'Help' dropdown in your Butterfly account from your desktop web browser 

Not all presets and imaging modes are available everywhere. Check for the availability in your country.

Note: See Previous Human User Manuals to view older versions of the human user manual. 

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