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System Components

The probe and probe charger are included with your Butterfly iQ™. Before getting started, identify each component and ensure that your package is complete.


The Butterfly iQ™ probe is only for use with the Butterfly iQ™ App. Do not attempt to connect the probe to other ultrasound systems. Figure 3-1 shows the parts of the probe and Table 3-1 lists and describes the parts. 

Figure 3-1 Probe Components



Butterfly iQ™ App

The primary function of the Butterfly iQ™ App is general-purpose diagnostic imaging, for use by qualified and trained health-care professionals to enable the visualization and measurement of anatomical structures within the human body.

The App is a free download from the Apple App Store. The App prompts you to set up a Butterfly account. The App and Butterfly account are required to use the Butterfly iQ™ personal ultrasound.

Probe Battery Charger

Only use the charger supplied with the probe. 


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