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Imaging User Interface

Overview of User Interface

The app user interface will always show information about the Mechanical Index (MI) and the Thermal Index (TI) at the top of the screen.

Depending on your Butterfly membership status and mobile app version, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen may vary.

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen can be used for preset selection, image freeze, image capture and mode/tool selection.


Presets are a predefined set of imaging parameter values. When selected, the Butterfly iQ App automatically operates in accordance with the corresponding set of imaging parameter values. Presets available correspond to the clinical applications details in Indications for Use. Preset availability may also vary depending on probe, Butterfly membership status and geographic location.


The Butterfly iQ/iQ+ provides M-mode, B-mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, and Spectral Pulsed Wave Doppler functionality. Pulsed Wave Doppler is not available in all countries.


The Butterfly iQ/iQ+ lets you perform clinical measurements in each available mode. Measurements available include, but are not limited to: distance, time, area, and heart rate.

Imaging Interface


  1. User Avatar. If a photo has been uploaded, the photo appears here. Otherwise, the user's initials appear here.
  2. The Thermal Index (TI), Mechanical Index (MI), and Frame Rate (Hz) values. Note that Hz does not indicate frequency.
  3. Probe battery status
  4. Probe temperature indicator
  5. Current preset (abbreviated)
  6. Capture Reel. The number in the icon indicates the number of images and clips that are currently in the Capture Reel.
  7. Probe orientation marker
  8. Image display area
  9. Ruler. Provides imaging depth in centimeters. When the image is zoomed, the ruler adjusts accordingly.
  10. Presets selection
  11. Freeze control
  12. Record clip (video)
  13. Action selection. Users click here to switch modes and perform actions.


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