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System Integration

Butterfly Cloud can connect to your organization’s DICOM endpoints using a secure DICOM-TLS connection or via Butterfly Link. Ultrasound studies acquired on any Butterfly probe in your organization can be forwarded into one or more of your hospital’s DICOM storage systems, such as a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Butterfly can also connect to a DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) to minimize the need for manual entry of patient data. When configured, members of your organization will be able to use the Worklist to populate patient data fields prior to uploading studies from the Butterfly iQ App.

Our Technology & Security White Paper provides a high-level overview of our integration options. To read the Butterfly Network Technology and Security White Paper, click here.

To read the Butterfly Cloud DICOM Connector Conformance Statement, click here.

Butterfly DICOM Connector over DICOM TLS

The Butterfly DICOM Connector creates a secure, encrypted connection between Butterfly Cloud and your facility’s DICOM endpoints. This enables secure transmission of ultrasound studies captured with Butterfly iQ. We utilize DICOM-TLS (Transport Layer Security, v 1.2) to facilitate point-to-point, encrypted communication without the drawbacks and setup challenges associated with a VPN tunnel.

Unlike a traditional, on-premise modality, which resides on your internal network, Butterfly Cloud establishes a secure connection over the Internet to your network perimeter. You will need the public IP address of your network and an available port to receive the data. DICOM-TLS requires that the DICOM traffic is decrypted on your network. Common approaches to "terminating" the TLS connection at your network are listed below with applicable setup guides.

For additional troubleshooting of your DICOM connections please see our guide here

Butterfly Link

We also offer direct EMR/EHR integration, SSO integration, and compatibility with third-party ultrasound systems as part of an Enterprise Workflow membership.

Butterfly Link is a Windows-based application installed on a server or workstation that securely connects a medical facility’s systems to Butterfly Cloud. Butterfly Link communicates with DICOM devices (PACS, ultrasound modalities, and modality worklists) to send and receive medical image data across the medical facility's network. Butterfly Link can also send and receive HL7 data between Butterfly Cloud and the facility’s EMR or interface engine(s). 

To learn more about Butterfly Link, click here and for our installation guide click here

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