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Troubleshooting Imaging Issues

If the steps toward resolution don't resolve your issue, please contact Support for further assistance. 

Issue: image quality degraded


  • Make sure you are using enough approved ultrasound gel 
  • Switch to another preset for a few moments and then return to the original preset. This action will reset the imaging parameters. 
  • If you are still not satisfied with the image quality please submit feedback directly from the mobile app or contact us via email: support@butterflynetwork.com
    • Please include de-identified image examples 

Issue: blank screen or screen no longer updates


  • Close the App and restart the App
  • Unplug the probe from the mobile device or tablet and reconnect

Issue: Image degradation or occurrence of image artifacts


  • Make sure you are using the appropriate preset and the depth is appropriate for the anatomy being scanned
  • Make sure the brightness on your screen is set to the recommended setting of 65%
  • To determine if your probe is damaged, activate the probe self-test
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