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Performing a Probe Diagnostic Test

Butterfly iQ is capable of performing user-initiated diagnostic tests designed to assess the system’s readiness for use. Please note that no degree of testing can assure performance or detect abuse, damage, or a defect that occurred after the most recent test is complete.

Perform the diagnostic test periodically. With normal use, monthly testing is recommended.

The diagnostic test runs through a series of diagnostic tests and notifies you when all tests have been successfully completed.

To perform the probe diagnostic test:

  1. Make sure the probe is connected to the mobile device.
  2. From the imaging screen, tap your user avatar (or your initials) in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap ⚙︎to display the Settings screen.
  4. Tap My iQ to display the My iQ screen.
  5. Tap Run Diagnostics and then select Start Probe Diagnostics to perform the test.
    • If the test passes, the system displays a message stating that the system has passed. You can send the results to Butterfly Support by tapping Send Results to Support.
    • If the test fails, tap Send Results to Butterfly Support.
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