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Entering Patient Data

You can enter patient details at any time while performing a study by tapping Associate a Patient. Depending on your system configuration, you can add patient data in one of the following ways:

  • Add Manually
  • Add from Worklist (if your account is configured to use a Worklist)

Patient Details include:

  • Patient Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Title, and Suffix)
  • Sex (Male, Female, Other, and Unknown)
  • DOB (Date of Birth) (A date scroll wheel feature is displayed to select the patient’s DOB)
  • Accession #
  • MRN (Medical Record Number)

Adding Patient Details Manually

  1. On the imaging screen, select the Capture Reel on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Next to Patient details, select "+Add".
  3. In the Patient screen, use the keyboard to enter the patient details and then tap "Done."

Adding Patient Details from a Worklist

Use this option if your account is configured to select the patient from a worklist which may already include their patient details. When selected, the Patient screen is filled in automatically.

To select a patient from a worklist:

  1. On the imaging screen, tap the Capture Reel and then tap Associate a Patient. The Patient screen is displayed.
  2. Tap "Add from Worklist."
  3. If there are multiple worklists, tap the worklist associated with the patient and then select the patient, or select the patient directly.
  4. Confirm the patient details and tap "Save."

Adding a Study Description

You can add a description of the study from the Study screen.

Multiple Patients Captured in a Single Session

It's best practice to associate patient data and save images after each patient session.

In the event there are scans from multiple patients in a session, you can save images in batches, with different associated patient data.

After you have completed your session, follow these steps to save images in batches for each patient:

  1. Tap the Capture Reel.
  2. Add the patient data for the first patient. Save.
  3. On the Study screen for the patient, tap "Save."
  4. Choose the destination archive, then scroll to the bottom where the thumbnails of all of the images are selected.
  5. Select just the thumbnails that belong to this patient (unselect the others).
  6. Tap "Confirm." You will be presented options for the remaining images. 
  7. Choose "Roll Into New Study."

Repeat for the next patient.







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