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Capturing and Recording Images

When you capture an image or record a video clip, the image or clip is automatically saved to the Capture Reel.

Capturing Images

When you begin a study, you can immediately use the probe for live scanning. Butterfly members can also capture and save images to the Cloud.

To capture an image:

  1. Tap the snowflake icon to freeze the image.
  2. Tap the camera icon to capture the image.
  3. Tap the snowflake icon again to return to live imaging.

Recording a Clip

Use the record feature to acquire and save a clip of the study. The recording defaults to 60 seconds if you do not manually stop the recording.

To record a clip:

  1. Tap the video camera icon to begin recording.
  2. When finished recording, tap the red square to end the recording. 

Using the Capture Reel

The Capture Reel stores all captured images and clips. You can view the images and clips in the study, save the study to an archive, and clear the series of images and clips from the study.

To use the Capture Reel:

  1. Tap the Capture Reel.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • View the images and clips. You can swipe left and right to view the previous and next item in the reel.
    • Save the study to an archive.
    • To delete all of the items from the Capture Reel, tap Clear images. The system prompts you to confirm the deletion. Clearing the series removes all of the images and clips from the Capture Reel. 





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