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Can I buy iQ without the annual subscription?

The subscription is required for the first year as it's what gives you access to your Butterfly account, regular software updates, customer support, unlimited storage, and collaboration functionality.

If after the first year you choose not to renew your full access, you would have the option to cancel. Upon cancellation, your device would work with limited functionality and you would retain access to all of your previously saved studies. 

How much is the subscription?

All pricing details can be found on the Pricing page of our website which you can access directly by clicking here. 

You have the option to purchase either an individual or a team subscription. Both options include unlimited archiving, anonymized sharing, and secure anywhere-access from an iPhone or laptop. Team package has additional administrative and commenting functionality that offers members of the same organization the option to collaborate in real-time.

Can I be part of a team and have my own subscription?

Yes. You can be a member of as many teams as you'd like in addition to having your own individual account. 

For information around how to set up your account using multiple organizations, click here.




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