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Lightning vs. USB-C

You can purchase a Butterfly iQ with either a Lightning or USB-C cable. To read more about the specific devices we support, click here.

We understand our users are invested in ensuring their ability to use their Butterfly iQ long-term. As technology evolves and the personal mobile devices you use change, we are committed to evolving with you. 

Exchange Process

You may swap your cable within 90 days of purchase for the cost of shipping and a service fee. Contact Butterfly Support for details on the process and pricing. In the body of the email, include:

  1. A picture of the back of the probe(s) you want swapped, including the probe's serial number.
  2. Your current shipping address.

If you are not the administrator or purchaser on file, further confirmation will be necessary prior to initiating a device swap.

We will work with you to execute the exchange. Once we receive confirmation (via tracking number) that the original probe is in transit back to us, we'll ship you the new probe.


Adapters do not have the data throughput required for the Butterfly iQ to function, so adapters are not supported. 

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