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How to Buy

 How can I buy a Butterfly iQ?

If you're in a country where we operate, you can purchase a probe directly in the Butterfly Store.

How can I get a quote?

You can generate a quote yourself. Here's how:

  1. Access the Butterfly Store.
  2. Select the bundle you want.
  3. If you selected an individual bundle, select your probe's connector cable. If you selected a team bundle, confirm your number of seats and select your probes and their connector cables.
  4. Continue to Checkout. Enter your name and email. You will be prompted to log in if you have already created an account.
  5. Continue to Payment. Here, select the option for "Electronic Quote."

A quote will be sent to your email. Payment can be made using the enclosed link.

I can't use a quote or purchase directly from the store. How can I buy a Butterfly iQ?

Generate a quote following the instructions above, then contact support@butterflynetwork.com with your quote number and more information about your payment needs.

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