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How to Buy

What do I do if I've made a reservation but haven't received my purchase invitation?

We've sent purchase invites to the vast majority of qualified reservation holders on the USA and it's possible your invitation was blocked by a spam filter. If you've checked your spam folder and don't see an invitation from Butterfly, please reach out to support@butterflynetwork.com so that we can help. 

We will make sure you receive a purchase link right away.

I just reserved my Butterfly iQ, how long do I have to wait before I can purchase?

If you are qualified to purchase and live in the USA, your purchase invitation no more than a few weeks away. For details on your specific timeline, please reach out to support@butterflynetwork.com. 

What happens after I receive my invitation to purchase?

When you receive your purchase invite via email, you will be asked to create a password. This email/password combination will be your Butterfly account credentials moving forward.  

Once you create a password, you will be taken to our online store. Before checking out, you will choose your subscription plan (individual or team) and the number of devices you wish to purchase.

After payment is received, your order will begin processing. You can expect to receive FedEx tracking details as soon as they become available. 

How do I request a quote?

If you have an invitation to purchase, you may use that link to configure your order and choose the quote option instead of payment at checkout. 

If you don't have a link to purchase, please email support@butterflynetwork.com and we can help. 

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