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Use Without Internet

We have partners across the world who are using Butterfly iQ in low resource settings to create sustainable healthcare. Since access to internet and other luxuries may be limited in such environments, we want to ensure you are able to use the Butterfly iQ successfully. 


To start using the Butterfly iQ, you will need to download the iOS app to your iPhone or tablet, create an account, sign in, and register your iQ for the first time. All that requires a connection to the internet. For instructions on using your iQ for the first time, click here.

The Butterfly iQ is built to last a traditional shift of 10-12 hours with intermittent scanning, or for two hours of continuous scanning; this estimate excludes cardiac scanning, which requires more power.

The Butterfly iQ's charger is dual voltage, and the voltage of the battery is 4.5 V. If the Butterfly iQ's battery is completely depleted before you're able to charge it between uses, it may need to be reset - see the Troubleshooting the Probe and Charger article for more information.

Scanning Without Internet

The Butterfly iQ can be used without internet for several days. When scanning offline, all studies are stored locally in an outbox. You cannot upload studies to the cloud or share them between users without an internet connection. After an internet connection is made, all of the studies are uploaded to the cloud. Depending on the number of studies that must be uploaded and the strength of the connection, this might take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

While scanning without internet, images are temporarily stored on the device until it is able to upload to the Butterfly Cloud. Please note that individual images taken with the Butterfly iQ are between 500KB and 1MB, and videos are 1-2 MB per second of recording. The Butterfly iQ app is less than 1GB. 16GB of free space should be sufficient to hold thousands of images and videos prior to internet connection.

Regular Updates

After the app has been downloaded onto a mobile device, the account has been created and the user has logged in, the Butterfly iQ can be used without the internet.

Please note that:

  • Any mobile device used with the iQ must connect to the internet every 30 days to upload studies and update its version of the Butterfly iQ app.
    • These regular updates include firmware for the probe and security fixes for the device.
    • If your device does not connect to the internet for 30 days or more, you will be unable to scan until connected to the internet.
  • The iQ must connect to the internet via a phone or tablet every 30 days.
    • During this time, the app proactively checks for probe health and updates the probe firmware. This may cause a delay in scanning.

If you require the ability use the Butterfly iQ for more than 30 days without internet access, please click here to contact Butterfly Support.

Multiple Devices

In some scenarios, it's possible that multiple users might be using the same probe or group of probes. Each of these users' mobile devices will need to connect to the internet every 30 days or less to continue using the probe.

When the app on a mobile device is updated, it includes firmware that is installed on the probe when the probe is connected to the mobile device after an update. This firmware update does not require the internet, but does take 10-15 seconds prior to beginning scanning.

If two devices have different versions of the app, the probe will need to install firmware every time it switches between the two devices. 

In the case of remote use, it might be worth considering having one dedicated device associated with the Butterfly iQ. In that scenario, you can control the probe and mobile device's app versions, and connect them to the internet on a regular schedule.

Environmental Operating Conditions

Below are the environmental conditions for the Butterfly iQ. For details on the environmental operating conditions of the mobile device on which you run the Butterfly iQ app, refer to the accompanying documentation for your mobile device.

Item Operating Limits
Humidity  Between 18-93% non-condensing
Altitude Between 150 ft below sea level and 10,000 above sea level
Operating Temperature Between 5°C to 39°C
Brief Storage Temperature The probe can withstand three days of storage at temperatures between -20°C and 50°C


For information about our global partners and our mission, click here.

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