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Troubleshooting the Probe and Charger

If the following steps do not solve problems with your Butterfly iQ probe, please contact Butterfly Support for assistance.

Resetting the Probe

Many issues with the physical probe can be solved by resetting the device. To reset the device, hold down the battery indicator button on the probe for 10-15 seconds. If the device has any battery power remaining, the battery indicator will light up for a few seconds, then turn off, then flash three times. Once the indicator has flashed, the device has been reset.

Issue: Charger does not work

If you suspect the charger is not effectively charging the device, place another object that charges wirelessly on the charger. You can use another Butterfly iQ, an iPhone 8 or newer, or another device that charges wirelessly. Reference the diagram below to understand charger behavior.


Note that the probe overlay in the image indicates how the Butterfly iQ should be placed on the charger.

If the charger does not charge another wireless device, then it is the source of the issue. Contact Butterfly Support at support@butterflynetwork.com for a replacement charger and include your shipping address in the email.

If the charger is able to charge other devices, it is possible the iQ probe is charging, but doesn't look like it is. Reset the probe (the battery indicator lights might not flash), then return the probe to the charger. If a probe with a depleted battery is placed on the charger, it might take up to six hours for the LEDs on the charger to change from red to pulsating blue.

Issue: App doesn't recognize the probe while plugged in

Disconnect your iQ from the mobile device. Update your iOS to the latest version available, then update the Butterfly iQ app via the App Store. Confirm you have logged in to your cloud account on the app. Reset the probe, confirm the probe is charged, and then reconnect it to your mobile device.

Issue: Probe won't charge

If you haven't used your probe yet, or the probe has been unused for several days, it's possible that the battery has been depleted. 

  1. Disconnect the iQ from your iPhone.
  2. Reset the probe.
  3. Plug in the charging pad and leave the iQ on the charger for at least six hours. It might take a few hours before the LEDs on the charger indicate that the probe is charging.
  4. Reset the probe.
  5. Reconnect the iQ to your iPhone.

If you follow these steps, your probe still has issues charging, and your probe is still under warranty, contact support@butterflynetwork.com with the serial number on the back of your probe and your shipping address. You may be eligible for a replacement.

Issue: Error message "iQ Connection Error"

Go to the App Store and update your app if there is a recent update available. Then, reset your probe. If you still receive this error message after resetting it, contact support@butterflynetwork.com with the serial number on the back of your probe and your shipping address. You may be eligible for a replacement.

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