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Global Expansion

Current Availability

We're already shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Visit the Butterfly Store to purchase your Butterfly iQ today.

Upcoming Availability

It's not a question of if we'll become available, it's a question of when. We are committed to thoughtfully and responsibly navigating the regulatory processes in each country. To be the first to know when the Butterfly iQ is available in your area, reserve a Butterfly iQ on our website today.

Below is the roadmap of the places we're going next.

Summer 2019

We'll begin shipping to Australia and New Zealand in August 2019.

Fall 2019

In Fall 2019, we'll expand our availability to Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

Early 2020

We are working on regulatory approval to become available in Canada as soon as possible, and anticipate we'll be available in the Canadian market in early 2020.

Global Health

We have partners around the world in developing countries and low-resource settings who are democratizing healthcare with the Butterfly iQ. To find out more about our global mission, click here.

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