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iOS 1.15

Release Notes

We've added our second AI application! This release adds Simpson’s Ejection Fraction for manual and automatic calculation of left ventricle ejection fraction using the Simpson's Monoplane method on an apical 4-chamber view of the heart. This is our second AI application, in addition to automated bladder volume measurement. To use these AI features, click on the tools present at the bottom right of the app when you're in the cardiac or bladder preset.

Known Issues

  • The text on some drop-down menus is gray on gray, making it difficult to read.
  • Probe updates may fail when the mobile device's battery is below 10%.
  • Occasional crashes may occur during image upload. 
  • On iOS 13, the Butterfly iQ application sometimes crashes when sharing a long cine.
  • The archive selector does not always respond on the first tap when an upload is in progress.
  • Previously reviewed notifications may not correctly direct to the associated study.
  • When open to the scan screen and no probe is plugged in, the Butterfly iQ application does not respect phone timeout settings.
  • Studies with cines sometimes fail to upload to Butterfly Cloud.
  • Simpson's EF adjust points provided by the automated tool may include non-integer positions. Any edits to the suggested contour may result in changes to the calculated EF even if the contour does not perceptibly change.
  • If the user supplies the Ejection Fraction workflow with an invalid contour, the contour will be rejected and calculated values will be invalid.
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