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Common Compatibility Questions

Can I use a Lightning to USB-C adapter?

Adapters are not compatible with our data stream and are not supported.

Can I use the Butterfly iQ with a computer with a USB-C port?

Using the Butterfly iQ requires use of the Butterfly iQ app, which is only available on select devices running iOS or Android. Please see our list of compatible mobile devices for additional information. 

Does image quality change if I use a different mobile device?

Ultrasound data saved by the Butterfly iQ is the same no matter on what screen it is viewed. Some mobile devices have higher resolutions than others, and therefore the same images might appear differently.

Can I exchange my probe for one with a different connector cable?

You may swap your iQ for one with a different cable within 30 days of delivery, for the cost of shipping and a service fee. Contact Butterfly Support for details on the process and pricing. In the body of the email, include your probe's serial number (located on the back of the probe beginning with (21)BN or (21)BV) and your current shipping address.

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