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iOS 1.14

Release Notes

This release brings new features and enhancements to your Butterfly iQ:

  • A new Auto Bladder Volume Tool enables automatic calculation of bladder volume.
  • Power Doppler is now available across additional presets: Vascular: Carotid, Vascular: Deep Vein, Vascular: Access, Nerve, Musculoskeletal, MSK-Soft Tissue, Small Organ.
  • Some probes now support HLD (high-level disinfection): check the “My iQ” page in the settings menu with your probe plugged in to see if your probe supports it.

Known Issues

  • Studies with cines sometimes fail to upload to Butterfly Cloud.
  • Error messages may prevent imaging while probe continues to scan in background and drain battery.
  • The text on some drop down menus is gray on gray, making it difficult to read.
  • The cine recording button is not disabled while moving the color or power doppler box.
  • Occasionally, tools will be missing from the tools menu, requiring the user to exit and re-enter the preset to use them.
  • Probe updates may fail when the mobile device's battery is below 10%.
  • Users may be able to tag team members in comments of a study that do not have access to the study itself.
  • Occasional crashes may occur during image upload.
  • On iOS 13, the Butterfly iQ application sometimes crashes when sharing a long cine.
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