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Completing Worksheets

Butterfly Workflow allows users to complete advanced documentation for their ultrasound scans from the Butterfly iQ mobile app or desktop cloud. Our worksheets functionality comes with the most common types of ultrasound worksheets to be attached to your ultrasound studies. Values documented in worksheets can be sent directly to your EMR for improved documentation and faster billing.

Pro Team and Enterprise Workflow customers can add worksheets to their studies from the Butterfly app.

To add a worksheet to a study in the Butterfly app:

  1. From the scanning screen, select the capture reel.
  2. Click Add Worksheet.
  3. Select a worksheet.

For Pro Team users, once a study is saved, its worksheets cannot be modified. Enterprise Workflow customers can add a worksheet from Butterfly Cloud after a study is saved as a draft, or if an administrator reverts a finalized study to a draft.

To add a worksheet to a study on desktop:

  1. Log into Butterfly Cloud using your Butterfly credentials.
  2. Select a draft study from its archive.
  3. Under Documentation, select Add.
  4. Select a worksheet.

Multiple worksheets can be attached to each study, if desired.

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