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Butterfly 2.0 - Android

Release Notes

We are proud to unveil a brand new look to the Butterfly app! Our new and improved app now includes:

-       New 5-tab design to improve app navigation and usability

-       New Butterfly Education video playlists by clinical application

-       Ability to time limits on cine captures

If you have questions or need support, visit support.butterflynetwork.com. Thanks for being part of the Butterfly community!

Known Issues

  • Android users may not be able to directly include attachments when requesting support through the App. Use the Butterfly Support portal to include attachments in requests.
  • A "normal" (higher energy) setting for obstetrics is not currently available for iQ+. The "low" setting has been validated as producing diagnostically acceptable images. Switching to "normal" in the obstetrics preset will not increase the energy at this time.
  • We advise against leaving your probe plugged in to your mobile device as this may result in draining your probe battery.
  • In the rare case where a probe requires both a health check and a firmware update, the firmware update will happen first and the heath check will happen only after the app is restarted.
  • Users of the Galaxy Tab S6 may experience sub-optimal frame rates in some M-Mode presets.
  • Application crashes have been associated with use of the Auto Bladder Tool on Android 9 devices. The manual bladder volume tool is fully supported.
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