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Butterfly 2.1 - iOS

Release Notes

This release brings new protocols to help streamline exams by providing preset-specific,  prompted exam labeling on captures. We are proud to offer four (4) new protocols: Cardiac Protocol, eFAST Protocol, DVT Protocol, Aorta Protocol.

If you have questions or need support, visit support.butterflynetwork.com. Thanks for being part of the Butterfly community!

Known Issues

  • TeleGuidance calls sometimes don't work when initiated. Exiting and reentering the call usually resolves the issue.
  • Activating linear measurement while zooming in may sometimes prevent the movement of the bottom point. This be resolved by zooming out before attempting to move measurement.
  • The app sometimes might log out if after more than 24 hours without activity. Logging back in as the same user will preserve scan data.
  • A "normal" (higher energy) setting for obstetrics is not currently available for iQ+. The "low" setting has been validated as producing diagnostically acceptable images. Switching to "normal" in the obstetrics preset will not increase the energy at this time.
  • When using the probe button to capture an image, the user may record unintended captures while performing other actions in the app, such as selecting a mode or recording a cine.
  • When using obstetric calculations, in rare cases when the user taps the exit row [x fetal biometrics] button, there is no response. The user will need to exit via the action menu.
  • When using Spectral Doppler, users may experience slight delay in proceeding with scan. Exiting and reentering the mode will resolve the issue.
  • The M-mode scanline control may be slightly obscured on small screens (e.g. iPhone SE).
  • If a user exits the app and re-enter it, the user will have to re-select their original mode when re-opening the app, if it was not B-mode originally.
  • Leaving the app or unplugging the probe while annotating a frozen image can result in an inability to capture the frozen image or otherwise clear the state. User must close and reopen the app.
  • Probe updates may fail when the mobile device's battery is below 10%.
  • On iOS 13, the Butterfly iQ application sometimes crashes when sharing a long cine.
  • Occasional crashes may occur during image upload.
  • The probe diagnostic test fails if run while probe is on the charger without indicating that this is the issue.
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