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Auto-Assign Authors on Third-Party Ultrasound Studies

Studies captured on Butterfly iQ ultrasound probes will always have an author assigned when the study is captured, determined by the user that is logged into the Butterfly iQ mobile app when the study is performed. On a non-Butterfly device, however, there is no logged-in user to automatically assign the study to. By implementing this optional configuration, Butterfly can accept IDs sent via DICOM to match IDs from third party devices to users in the cloud.

Butterfly can automatically match authors when information is populated in the following DICOM tags:

  • Referring Physician’s Name (0008,0090) 
  • Requesting Physician’s Name (0032,1032)
  • Operator’s Name (0008,1070)

The Referring or Requesting Physician tags are appropriate in order-based workflows, where the physician ordering the exam is expected to be the physician performing the exam. Work with your DMWL administrator to determine which tag is more appropriate.

The Operator’s Name tag is appropriate for either order- or encounter-based workflows, where the user inputs their Operator ID directly into the third-party ultrasound device while performing the exam.

To set the proper field for automatic author assignment:

  1. Log into Butterfly Cloud using your Butterfly credentials and unique enterprise URL.
  2. On the top right-hand corner of the screen, select your avatar, then select Enterprise Settings.
  3. Select DICOM Field Templates.
  4. Select Add, then choose the field to match on .
  5. Give the field a friendly name, such as the device or DMWL it originates from.
  6. Click Create.

Once the field has been created, the ID type will be enabled as a new field in the Enterprise User settings. If the user has not been added yet, the ID can be added the same way that users are uploaded using a CSV file. Export the CSV after the field has been created and then upload the new CSV. 

If the user already exists, manually navigate to the user and add the value for your new DICOM ID Type. 

To configure the Third Party Ultrasound to Match on a DICOM Field:

  1. In archive settings, scroll down to Third Party Integration
  2. Select the field to match on and click Save.


To test auto-assignment based on Referring or Requesting Physician's Name:

  1. Associate a patient from a worklist on the third-party ultrasound.
  2. Upload it to Butterfly Cloud.
  3. Ensure it matches on the proper field the you selected based on who performed the scan.

To test auto-assignment based on Operator Name:

  1. Associate a patient from an encounter-based worklist on a third-party ultrasound.
  2. Enter the Operator ID field on the ultrasound.
  3. Upload it to Butterfly Cloud.
  4. When the study uploads to Butterfly Cloud, ensure that it has matched to the value input on the ultrasound machine.
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