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Butterfly 2.7 - Android

Release Notes

This release marks the launch of our NEW Butterfly Education library for veterinarians. Beginning on October 25th, veterinary users may now browse a collection of curated clinical tutorials without leaving the Butterfly app.


If you have questions or need support, visit support.butterflynetwork.com. For veterinary inquiries, email us at vetsupport@butterflynetwork.com. Thanks for being part of the Butterfly community!

Known Issues

  • A "normal" (higher energy) setting for obstetrics is not currently available for iQ+. The "low" setting has been validated as producing diagnostically acceptable images. Switching to "normal" in the obstetrics preset will not increase the energy at this time.
  • We advise against leaving your probe plugged in to your mobile device as this may result in draining your probe battery.
  • Users of the Galaxy Tab S6 may experience sub-optimal frame rates in some M-Mode presets.
  • The iQ probe battery may deplete when the probe is left unused for a period of time. It is more accurate and therefore recommended to determine the battery level by plugging in the probe as opposed to pressing the probe button to view the LEDs.
  • The thumbnail preview for scans located in the Scan Reel may appear distorted. This does not affect saved data, and you can click the thumbnail to view the correct image. 
  • On Android, after requesting attestation, the notification displays on the App. However there is no message in the Notification tab for the attestation request.
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