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Using the QA Dashboard

The QA Dashboard is available to customers who have access to the Medical Education, or Compass tiers of Butterfly Software. Our updated QA Dashboard provides data and insights to help track clinicians’ performance on their journey to become credentialed in different types of POCUS exams. 

Navigating to the dashboard

  1. Select any archive in the Butterfly Cloud
  2. Select the dashboard icon next to the archive settings in the upper right hand corner next to the archive name

Data in the Dashboard

  1. The QA Dashboard shows a list of all finalized exams in an organization and can be filtered by author, capture date, worksheet, exam type or archive
  2. The QA Dashboard gives users credit for any exams in which they are listed as either the primary or secondary author
  3. The QA Dashboard will organize exams by exam type (a single exam can count for more than one exam type at a time)
  4. The QA dashboard will show which exams have been QA Reviewed
  5. The QA Dashboard will show the name of the worksheet template or templates that are on exams of each exam type
  6. Users with “Can QA”  or “Admin” permissions will be able to view everyone's stats (Regular users will only have access to their own stats)

*exams that do not have an exam type will show up in the dashboard under the ‘No Exam Type’ section. Add exam types to your exams to ensure they are categorized appropriately in the dashboard. 

Filtering the Dashboard

  1. The dashboard will display filtered to the archive you were working in
  2. Use the Author, Capture Date, Worksheet, Exam Type and Archive filters to filter the data appropriately

Exporting Data

  1. Filter your data as desired and then click the export button in the upper right hand corner
  2. Choose between two types of exports
    1. Simple Export - includes the stats currently displayed in the table
    2. Detailed Export- includes a list of all exams that have been QA Reviewed including the answers to any questions on the QA Cards added to the exam, who QA Reviewed the exam, any worksheet templates that were added to the exam, the exam type, upload date, capture date, and primary and secondary study authors
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