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HL7: EHR Integrations

This is a guide to configuring integrations between Butterfly Cloud and the facility’s EMR or interface agent(s).  Butterfly Cloud generates ORUs for finalized exams. This capability is available for Enterprise customers. Please consult System Integration: Butterfly Link Installation if you do not have an installed Butterfly Link. 

The following actions are available to users with Read & Write permissions for Connectivity Management in their Butterfly Access Roles.

Note that initial configuration of the EHR is typically conducted with the help of Butterfly Professional Services, a team that will work to understand the dynamics of your institution's HL7 messages, patient flow at your institution and help curate your results.

Setting Up a New HL7 Destination

  • Navigate to the Integrations menu from Enterprise settings. Select the “Connectivity” section and scroll down to the “Integrations” section.
  • Click the ‘+ Add’ option next to Integrations and select EHR to create a new HL7 endpoint.
  • An EHR configuration screen will display after you have selected the ‘Connection Type’
  • Proceed to add a friendly display name for the EHR connection.
  • Select the relevant Butterfly Link

  • Proceed to enter all of the necessary HL7 connection parameters:
    • Host - Specifies the IP address of the EHR relative to Butterfly Link.
    • Port - Specifies the listening port of the EHR relative to Butterfly Link.
    • Encoding - Specifies the encoding of ORU messages in transit.
    • Time Zone - Ensures that study dates are localized to the EHR’s timezone.
    • Sending Facility - Specifies the sending application that will populate the MSH.4 in ORU messages.
    • Receiving Facility - Specifies the receiving application that will populate the MSH.6 in ORU messages.
    • Preliminary Results - Enables ORU messages to be sent either at finalization of an ultrasound exam or when attestation is requested. This setting is configured on a per-client basis. Reach out to your Butterfly implementation team if you need to enable preliminary results.
    • ACK Timeout - Specifies seconds to receive an acknowledgement before the message fails.
    • Connection -  Specifies seconds until a connection request fails.

Configuring Automatic Forwarding

Within Butterfly Cloud you may set up auto-forwarding rules for finalized studies to send ORUs to the EHR.

  • Navigate to the archive settings page where you would like to set up automatic forwarding.
  • In the EHR forwarding section you may select any of your configured EHR endpoints. Selection is limited to 3 EHR endpoints.
  • Changes do not need to be saved and take effect immediately.


  • The criteria for when and how to forward these results is configured in the EHR settings in the section labeled “Preliminary results”
  • Forwarding finalized studies to EHR applies only to studies finalized after EHR Forwarding is configured. This will not retroactively send finalized studies to ORR. You can send finalized studies in a one-off basis by accessing the “Endpoints” section on a finalized study
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