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Indications for Use

Butterfly iQ/iQ+ is indicated for use by trained healthcare professionals in environments where healthcare is provided to enable diagnostic ultrasound imaging and measurement of anatomical structures and fluids of adult and pediatric patients for the following clinical applications:

  • Peripheral Vessel (including carotid, deep vein thrombosis and arterial studies)

  • Procedural Guidance

  • Small Organs (including thyroid, scrotum and breast)

  • Cardiac

  • Abdominal

  • Urology

  • Fetal/Obstetric

  • Gynecological

  • Musculoskeletal (conventional)

  • Musculoskeletal (superficial)

  • Ophthalmic

Modes of operation include B-Mode, B-Mode + M-Mode, B-Mode + Color Doppler, B-Mode + Power Doppler, Spectral Pulsed Wave Doppler, and B-Mode + Needle Viz Tool. Note that Spectral Pulsed Wave Doppler is not available in all countries.

Use Butterfly iQ/iQ+ in accordance with all safety procedures and operating instructions as outlined within this manual, and only for the purposes for which the device was intended.

Contraindications for Use

Butterfly iQ/iQ+ should not be used for indications other than the ones approved by the applicable governing agency.


In order to safely and effectively operate Butterfly iQ/iQ+, the user shall meet the following:

  • Training as required by local, state, provincial, and national regulations
  • Additional training as required by the authorizing physician
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of material presented in the Butterfly iQ/iQ+ User Manual
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