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Butterfly iQ/iQ+’s single probe delivers a 2D array of 9000 micro-machined sensors and is capable of performing all indicated clinical applications. 

The Butterfly iQ/iQ+ probe is only for use with the Butterfly iQ App. Do not attempt to connect the probe to other ultrasound systems.


  1. Lens

  2. Midline Mark

  3. Orientation Mark

  4. Battery Indicator Lights

  5. Battery Indicator Button

  6. Probe/Cable Boundary

  7. Mobile Device Cable

  8. Charging Source

Probe Battery Charger

Only use the charger supplied with the probe.


  1. Charging Pad

  2. Charging Cable

  3. Wall Adaptor

Please review the Charging FAQs for more information on the Butterfly charger.

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