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Safety Information

Ultrasound Benefits and Risk

Ultrasound is widely used because it provides many clinical benefits to the patient and has an excellent safety record. Ultrasound imaging has been used for over twenty years and there have been no known long-term negative side effects associated with this technology.

Ultrasound Benefits

  • Multiple diagnostic uses

  • Immediate results

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Portability

  • Safety record

Ultrasound Risks

Ultrasonic waves can heat the tissues slightly. It is normal that the probe may feel warm to the touch while charging. If you remove the probe from the charging pad before or immediately after charging is complete, it is recommended that you allow the probe to cool down before use. Since the system limits patient contact temperature and will not scan at or above 43°C (109°F), allowing the probe to cool down before use will optimize scan time performance.

For more safety information, please review the safety guidelines in the Butterfly iQ User Manual.

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