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Who Can Purchase Butterfly iQ+ / iQ3

Where We Are Sold

Butterfly devices are sold in all of the countries listed here


We are committed to thoughtfully and responsibly navigating the regulatory processes in each country. To be the first to know when a Butterfly device is available in your area, reserve a Butterfly device on our website today.

I have reserved a Butterfly device. What does that mean?

Making a reservation via our reservation portal ensures you'll be the first to gain access to purchase the Butterfly device in your area. A reservation is not a purchase and does not require a financial commitment.

Eligibility for Purchase

At this time, Butterfly devices are only commercially available for operation in the countries listed above. Physicians or other practitioners must be licensed in the country in which they are purchasing.

You can purchase a Butterfly device if you are a physician or other practitioner in good standing and licensed by the law of the jurisdiction in which you practice to use or order the use of the device. Or, you are purchasing the device pursuant to a valid prescription or order from such a physician or practitioner for use in professional practice as authorized by law.

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale to or on the order of a licensed physician or other licensed practitioners.

Can veterinarians purchase a Butterfly device?

We offer iQ+ Vet, which is available for veterinary use. Check out Who Can Purchase iQ+ Vet here.

How do you validate the eligibility of a purchaser?

Validation is performed during checkout. The purchaser must attest that they meet the eligibility requirements and agree with Butterfly’s Terms and Conditions prior to completing the purchase.

Are Butterfly devices available to the general public?

No. Butterfly devices are a regulated medical device and are only available for use by trained healthcare practitioners.

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