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Beginning a New Study

How do I start a new study?

  1. Connect the probe to your mobile device.
  2. If prompted, register your device and update its firmware.
  3. Navigate to the scanning screen by tapping the blue probe button.
  4. In the scanning screen, the probe defaults to the most recently used preset. Change the preset if desired.
  5. Use ultrasound gel as a transmission medium.
  6. You are now ready to start scanning.

How do I change presets?

To change the preset for the study, tap the Preset button in the bottom left of your screen.


  • The Butterfly probe includes a raised orientation mark on the side of the probe head.
  • The probe orientation marker is also displayed on the imaging screen, represented by the letter "B" in a blue circle. Pressing the probe orientation marker on the imaging screen changes the orientation to the other side.
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