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Using Color or Power Doppler

Use Color Doppler to visualize blood flow (average velocity and direction) overlaid on a B-mode image. Or, use Power Doppler to visualize the amplitude energy of blood flow (not velocity or direction) overlaid on a B-Mode image.

In Color Doppler, a region of interest (ROI) is displayed on the imaging screen to represent the average velocity and direction of flow. The color scale is displayed to the right of the image.

In Power Doppler, the amplitude energy of the flow contained in the ROI is displayed using a red-hued intensity map. This color map is displayed to the right of the image.

To access Color or Power Doppler:

  1. Select your desired preset and identify your region of interest.
  2. Select Actions on the bottom of the imaging screen.
  3. Under Modes, select Color or Power Doppler.

To adjust the region of interest:

To resize the ROI, select the icon on the edge of the ROI. Drag the icon to adjust the size and steer of the ROI. To move the ROI, select the area inside the ROI and drag it to a new position.

Note that you can zoom in on the ROI. As you adjust the zoom, a thumbnail of the image is displayed in the upper right portion of the screen with a yellow ROI box. As you pan the zoomed image, the ROI is updated to orient you to the zoomed image.

For both Color Doppler and Power Doppler, you can adjust Color Gain by swiping left and right. Select High or Low to adjust the color flow state in Color Doppler or to adjust the velocity scale for Power Doppler, respectively.

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