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Give Assistance With TeleGuidance

To receive a call:

  1. Log into cloud.butterflynetwork.com using your Butterfly credentials on a Mac or Windows computer and the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click "TeleGuidance" on the top navigation bar.
  3. TeleGuidance will ask for your permission to access your camera and microphone in order to make calls.
  4. Ensure you are "Available for Calls" and make sure your computer's speaker is turned on.
  5. If you wish, you can leave this window open and do other tasks while still available for calls.
  6. When you receive a call, you will hear a ringing sound. Navigate back to the TeleGuidance page and accept the call to begin.

To provide assistance:

  • On the lefthand side of the screen, you can adjust imaging settings and the scanning controls. If needed, you can select presets, switch modes, and adjust gain, depth, and TGC.
  • On the righthand side of the screen, you can provide guidance to the user based on the probe's position. The rotate, slide, and tilt buttons enable you to provide augmented reality animations to prompt the user to adjust the position of the probe. Make sure to ask the user to keep the tail of the probe in view. You can draw over the camera feed to provide freehand directions as well.
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