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Using Protocols

With Protocols, you can follow common exam types and easily label scans of the appropriate views. The available protocols can be found with the relevant presets below:

  • Lung Protocol
    • Available in the Lung and Pediatric Lung Presets
  • Aorta Protocol
    • Available in the Aorta & Gallbladder, Abdomen, and Abdomen Deep Presets
  • Cardiac Protocol
    • Available in the Cardiac, Cardiac Deep, and Pediatric Cardiac Presets
  • eFAST Protocol
    • Available in the FAST, Abdomen, and Abdomen Deep Presets
  • DVT Protocol
    • Available in the Vascular Access: Deep Vein Preset 

Our Protocol features helps to streamline labeling, potentially increasing efficiency during ultrasound exams to reduce the amount of time spent with each patient. Protocols are available for Butterfly Pro, Pro Team, and Enterprise users.

To use protocols:

  1. From the scan screen, select the preset with your desired protocol.
  2. On the bottom righthand corner of the screen, select Actions.
  3. Select the Protocol you wish to use.
  4. The view picker displaying the relevant views for that protocol will appear on screen.
  5. Select the view you would like to scan. 
  6. A label will automatically appear at the bottom of the scan screen for the view selected.
  7. Capture either a cine or still image.
  8. After image or cine capture, the view picker will return. A checkmark indicates that the view has already been captured and labeled. 
  9. Select a view to continue labelling. 

Note: All views are optional. You may select any view, including views you have already acquired, if you would like to capture multiple views of that zone.

To edit a protocol view label:

  1. Select a view label to activate editing. A pencil will appear next to the label.
  2. To move a view label, drag the label to the desired position while editing is active.
  3. To change a view label, select the pencil. The view picker will reappear and a new view can be selected.

You can exit any protocol by selecting "Exit Workflow" in the view picker, exiting the current preset, selecting the X next to the Lung Protocol button, or uploading a study.

Note: When you exit a protocol, the images captured using the protocol remain saved in the Exam Reel for review and upload. However, view picker progress will be reset.

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