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Clinical Research & Global Health Programs

Clinical Research

We cannot embark on the mission to democratize healthcare alone. We want to partner with clinicians and researchers who share similar values, to form a community of like-minded individuals working at the forefront of medicine. We're particularly interested in leveraging the portability of our device and the user- and beginner-friendly nature of our interface for new and exciting ultrasound applications.

If this sounds like something you're doing, or if you have another project you think we'd be interested in, we invite you to share your idea in our Clinical Research Portal. We will review your proposal and reply within one month.

Global Health

We have partners across the world who are using Butterfly iQ in low-resource settings to create sustainable healthcare and democratize ultrasound. Our goal is to find partners who share the same vision as us and want to create sustainable healthcare systems by bringing the Butterfly iQ and ultrasound imaging to the people and places in the world who need it the most.

If you're interested, fill out the Global Health form on our Mission page. We will review your proposal and respond within one month.

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