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What is the Butterfly membership?

A Butterfly membership is required to start scanning, as it includes the credentials that you will use to log into the Butterfly iQ app. The membership serves as your user license and allows you to gain access to use the probe.

We offer multi-level Membership options to best meet our users’ needs. 

For Pricing details and a thorough summary of features available at each membership level please click here.

Is a membership required?

Purchase of a new Butterfly iQ+, iQ+ Vet, or iQ3 requires the purchase of a Butterfly iQ membership. After the first year, if members choose not to renew their membership, they would lose access to member-only features, such as advanced AI features, study sharing, and advanced ultrasound features such as Pulse Wave Doppler. They would continue to have access to the studies they've already saved, but would no longer be able to save new studies. The probe would only operate in a live view mode with access to B-mode and Color Doppler.

For more information, you can read a thorough summary of features available at each membership level. Click here for the veterinary version.

I need help selecting a membership plan.

If you are a solo practitioner, our most complete ultrasound solution for individual practitioners is our Individual offering. If cost is a concern, consider the Core Technology offering, which allows access to the basic features needed to be successful using a Butterfly probe.

If you're purchasing more than one probe for use by a variety of people in the same practice or clinic, you'll probably want a membership suitable for teams (i.e., our Clinics or EMS membership plans) or one of our Enterprise offerings, which allows you to create separate user accounts for each user. Team and Enterprise members all have access to the same archive library and can leverage worksheets and team commenting for greater collaboration and documentation.

If the above options don’t meet your needs, we also offer additional packages for educational organizations, governments, and health systems. Pricing for those offerings is available upon request.

Can I be part of a team and have my own individual subscription?

Yes. You can be a member of as many teams as you'd like in addition to having your own individual account. 

For information on how to set up your account using multiple organizations, click here.

I've been given a probe by a colleague. How do I log in? 

A licensed practitioner can make a subscription-only purchase by choosing one of the following:

  • If your probe's serial number begins with (21)BN, (21)BT, (21)KB click HERE to purchase an Individual membership.
  • If your probe's serial number begins with (21)BV, click HERE to purchase a Pro membership for veterinary use.

Once paid, you'll receive an invitation in your email from Butterfly Cloud to set up an account. You can click the enclosed link to set a password and begin using the account.

Please note that Butterfly Network does not support unauthorized resale of the device, which will void the warranty. The condition of hardware purchased via third party platforms, such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace, cannot be validated, and we cannot ensure continuous usage of a secondhand device should it be reported as lost or stolen by its original owner. When Butterfly becomes aware of a lost or stolen probe, it will be disabled. Should you have any questions, email support@butterflynetwork.com with the probe's serial, beginning with (21)B.

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