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Express Scan Mode (via QR Code)

Note: Express Scan Mode is only available on iOS.

Express Scan Mode is an optional feature to enable secure, widespread deployment of the Butterfly app with shared mobile devices.

Once configured, Express Scan Mode allows providers to scan in an emergent care moment without entering SSO credentials and/or Butterfly credentials.

For security, Express Scan Mode prevents users from viewing previously uploaded studies. To access this information, users would need to fully authenticate using their email address and password.

Express Scan Mode is complimented by Session Time Out. This allows MDM administrators to enforce a configurable session time out of shared mobile devices through MDM app configuration.

To scan via Express Scan Mode:

  1. Pick up your Butterfly probe and mobile device
  2. Open the Butterfly app
  3. Scan their provider specific QR code
  4. Scan, upload the study, and/or access educational content as needed



Enabling Express Scan Mode requires three things:

  1. Butterfly Enterprise
  2. Mobile devices managed by Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  3. QR Codes provided by Butterfly

Once Express Scan Mode has been configured, users will see an option for “Express Log In” on the enterprise login page in their Butterfly app. Once configured, users can scan the QR code to log into the Butterfly application.

Administrative Setup

  1. In your MDM system, deploy the Butterfly app to the desired devices.
  2. Add a custom application configuration to the deployment and apply the key/value pair from Butterfly Cloud into that configuration.
    1. Attribute Name: SharedDevice.Secret
    2. Attribute Type:  string
    3. Value (from Enterprise MDM Setting in Butterfly Cloud):  XXXXXX
    4. Note: Butterfly recommends using Express Scan Mode in conjunction with MDM Shared Device Rapid Log In and Butterfly iQ Session Time Out

User Setup

Each QR code encodes an opaque, random identifier that is meaningless until paired with a particular user identity. Users pair their own QR codes securely using the following steps.

To set up your QR code:

  1. Open the Butterfly app on a MDM configured mobile device.
  2. After being brought to the Enterprise’s login page, there will be an additional button:
  • “Express Log In”. 
  • In order to pair the QR code, select “SSO Log In” or “ Butterfly Log in”.
  • If you are a member of multiple organizations, you will be asked to select your organization. Select the organization you would like your scans to be associated with when using Express Scan Mode.
  • You will be prompted to set up Express Scan Mode. You can always skip this option and return to it later. To pair a code, select “Pair Code”.
  • If prompted, enable the Butterfly app to use the camera.
  • Scan your QR code.
  • The QR code will now be paired. 
  • On your next log in, you can log in by selecting “Express Log In”
  • To edit your paired QR code:

    In the event that you need to unpair, pair a different QR code, or skipped pairing a QR code on your initial setup, you can manage this in the Butterfly app by following the steps below:

    1. Log in to the Butterfly app using SSO or Butterfly credentials, then proceed to the settings menu.
    2. Scroll to the Security section, then select “Express Log In”.
    3. If a code has been paired you will see “Unpair Code”. If no code has been paired you will see “Pair Code”. 
      1. If you select "Unpair Code," the previous code will be unpaired. You can pair a new code by scanning a new code. 
      2. If you have not paired a code, select “Pair Code” to pair a new code.

    *Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.

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