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Performing a Probe Diagnostic Test

Butterfly is capable of performing user-initiated diagnostic tests designed to assess the system’s readiness for use. Please note that no degree of testing can assure performance or detect abuse, damage, or a defect that occurred after the most recent test is complete.

Perform the diagnostic test periodically. With normal use, monthly testing is recommended.

The diagnostic test runs through a series of diagnostic tests and notifies you when all tests have been successfully completed.

To perform the probe diagnostic test:

  1. Make sure the probe is connected to the mobile device.
  2. Ensure your probe is charged, then remove it from the charger to perform the diagnostic test.
  3. From the Butterfly iQ app, select your avatar at the bottom right corner of the screen to access your Profile.
  4. Select My iQ to display the My iQ screen.
  5. Select Run Diagnostics and then select Start Probe Diagnostics to perform the test.
  6. Do not disconnect your iQ during the test, and do not run the test while the iQ is charging.
  7. Once complete, you will see a message indicating whether your probe passed or failed the diagnostics test.
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