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Service Requirements

Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3 Probe

The Butterfly iQ/iQ+/iQ3 is designed to be easy-to-use and requires no regular service. 

We recommend that Butterfly users evaluate the health of their probe once every month. To do so:

  • Ensure your probe is fully charged.
  • Update your Butterfly iQ App.
  • Plug in your Butterfly to your mobile device while connected to the internet and update its firmware if necessary. Your Butterfly must connect to the internet once every 30 days for regular use.
  • Perform the Probe Diagnostic Test.

No other probe maintenance is required. If you experience an issue with your Butterfly, please contact Butterfly Support.

Butterfly iQ Mobile Application

Butterfly supports the current and two previous releases of the Butterfly iQ mobile app. To access the latest functionality and application security features, we recommend updating the application regularly. More information about specific releases is available here

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