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Manually Calculate Angles

The manual angle calculation package (Alpha/Beta) can be used to calculate the acute angle between two lines (an angle that is less than 90 degrees).

Manually calculate angles

  1. From the scan screen, select the Musculoskeletal preset.

  2. Select the Actions button on the bottom right corner of the screen. 

  3. Under the “Calculations” heading, either select the Right Alpha/Beta or the Left Alpha/Beta, the

    Right and Left are there to facilitate labeling the side of the anatomy and both tools work in the

    same way otherwise.

  4. When you have identified a view you would like to capture, select the freeze button to freeze the image.

  5. Tap the Actions button on the bottom right corner of the screen again.

  6. Select one of the measurements to begin measuring. You will have the option of selecting Base-

    line, Alpha line, or Beta line. For a full calculation of an angle (either the Alpha or the Beta), you

    need either to place the Baseline and the Alpha line or the Baseline and the Beta line.

  7. Adjust calipers as appropriate. As the calipers are adjusted, if both the Baseline and one of the

    other two lines are selected, the measurement label will adjust to show the calculated angle.

  8. Once satisfied with caliper placement, tap the confirm button to add the measurement to the report

    and capture an image.

  9. You can now place the caliper for the other angle.

  10. Only one of each measurement may be added. To edit an input, delete it from the report and


  11. At the bottom of the screen, your measurements will be visible.

  12. A measurement may be deleted before confirming or unfreezing by selecting the “x” next to the

    measurement label or the trash can icon in the report. If you unfreeze or if you select another image

    from the cine buffer, you will be prompted to export the result to the notes section.

  13. You will exit the angle calculation package when you upload your study. To exit the calculation

    package before uploading a study, select the "x" on the bottom of your screen or select the Actions menu and exit by selecting the "x" underneath. You will be prompted to confirm exporting or deleting of captured measurements if you exit via the Actions menu or the bottom of your screen.

  14. When the angle calculation package is exported, the output will be available in the notes field of the study. This can be retrieved and edited in the study reel prior to upload. After uploading the study, notes are available in the archive screen and in the desktop cloud.

Note: If two lines exist with coordinates (x00, y00) and (x01, y01) for the first line, and coordi- nates (x10, y10) and (x11, y11) for the second line. Then the acute angle between the two lines is given by:

Dx0 = x00 - x01
Dy0 = y00 - y01
Dx1 = x10 - x11
Dy1 = y10 - y11
L0 = sqrt(Dx02 + Dy02 )
L1 = sqrt(Dx12 + Dy12 )
Angle = abs(cos-1((Dx0 * Dx1 + Dy0 * Dy1)/(L0 * L1)) * 180 / pi)

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