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Android 14 Pixel Compatibility

Butterfly Network has identified a critical issue related to the compatibility of the Butterfly app with Android OS 14 on Google Pixel devices. After updating to this operating system, the Butterfly app may fail to connect and communicate with iQ/iQ+ probes and prevent imaging.

Google is expecting to release Android OS 14 in the coming weeks, and we are actively working on a resolution to this issue. In the meantime, to avoid any service disruption, please refrain from updating to Android 14 whenever it is released by Google until Butterfly engineers have a resolution.

To prevent an automatic update to Android 14:

  1. Navigate to your device's Settings menu

  2. Select About phone, then tap 7 consecutive times on Build number

  3. You should receive a notification stating "You are now a developer"

  4. From the Settings menu, navigate to: System > Advanced > Developer Options.

  5. Disable the toggle for Automatic system updates

We understand the significance of this matter and are committed to resolving it as swiftly as possible. We will notify all affected users with additional updates.

For real-time updates, please refer to our Status Page. 

For any additional questions, please contact customer support. 

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