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iQ Slice Mode

iQ Slice is a capture mode that performs a single volumetric sweep acquiring multiple slices of the region of interest.

Note: iQ Slice Mode is only available on iQ3 in abdomen, abdomen deep, and aorta & gallbladder. Depending on your membership, probe and country, iQ Slice Mode might not be available.

When using iQ Slice mode, you can:

  • Adjust the Gain and Depth
  • Take a single volumetric sweep to generate multiple slices
  • Perform linear and elliptical measurements on a slice(s)
  • Select a slice to save as a still image
  • Save all slices as multiple still images
  • Save all slices as a cine clip

Accessing Mode

1. Select your desired preset and identify the area you’d like to image. Note that imaging will be on B-Mode.

2. Select Actions at the bottom of the imaging screen.

3. Under Modes, select iQ Slice.


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