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Butterfly Cloud C182.0

Release Date - December 15, 2021


  • Enterprise customers can now purchase Butterfly Academy which includes ultrasound courses, administrator level enrollment and progress tracking capabilities
  • A40 Merge messages are now processed on all encounters. 
  • Enterprise users now offers the ability to add a secondary user email address to receive notifications as an alternate to the primary
  • Study history now shows when authors are added and removed from studies stored in the Butterfly Cloud

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where making measurements in Butterfly Cloud was not available in authorized regions A 
  • Fixed an issue where unpublishing a worksheet did not make the worksheet unavailable
  • Fixed an issue where deleted worksheets were not removed from the worksheet page after deletion
  • Fixed an issue where in certain signing scenarios with drafts that primary authors of a study were appearing in the OBR-33 segment of an HL7 message instead of the OBR-32 segment
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