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Butterfly Cloud C178.0

Release Date - October 4, 2021


  • For users with scribes in the workflow the “Sign” button on studies is now disabled when a scribe is working on a study
  • Users with the “can sign” permission will now be automatically added to a study if they sign a study in which they are not the author
  • Study Capture date and time is now available in the list view
  • Users can now remove a final study author without having to replace them. Studies will still need an author to be finalized
  • Users will now see studies in which they are the secondary author on in the “My Drafts” list
  • The Multi Org picker is now filterable by org name

Bug Fixes

  • Added a loading spinner to the modal where an attester is requested
  • ADT^A13s should be processed by Butterfly Cloud
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