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Butterfly Cloud C175.0

Release Date - August 11, 2021


  • For members using order-based workflow, the accession number is now available as an optional column in the list view
  • For members using encounter-based workflow: Improved logic for matching studies from third party ultrasound machines when the machine does not return the encounter ID from the encounter-based worklist in the C-STORE
  • Studies now better match in situations where studies are sent after patients are discharged or when patients have multiple simultaneous encounters
  • Improved error messaging if an upload fails when bulk importing users via CSV
  • Study Descriptions can now be mapped to Procedure Descriptions in the Cloud UI
  • When adding documentation on Butterfly Cloud users will now see sticky headers to represent different sections of the worksheet
  • Updated signature lines in HL7 messaging to remove Attending and Resident Verbiage
  • Worksheets setup page has a new cleaner look that makes it easier to see specific worksheet details

Bug Fixes

  • Users that are using multiple cloud organizations will now see the organization list sorted in alphabetical order
  • Fixed a bug where certain cines could not be downloaded in DICOM
  • Fixed a bug where users could not make measurements in the cloud in certain regions
  • Fixed a bug where desktop time out was not working consistently
  • Fixed a bug where Internet Explorer was not showing as unsupported browser message
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