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Butterfly iQ+ Bladder Bundle Warranty

Effective May 15, 2024
These warranty terms apply only to the purchase of a Butterfly iQ+ Bladder Bundle purchase on or after May 15, 2024. For purposes of clarity, the iQ+ Bladder Bundle consists of the iQ+ Bladder Ultrasound probes, an iPad per the product description, a Tryten S2 Cart with onsite assembly service, and a 5-year limited warranty.

For all other product warranties, please refer to your terms and conditions.

Limited Warranty.
Butterfly provides a 5-year warranty on the iQ+ Bladder ultrasound probe and the iPad specified in the iQ+ Bladder Bundle. The iQ+ Bladder ultrasound probe and iPad specified in the iQ+ Bladder Bundle may only be replaced one (1) time under the Butterfly provided 5-year warranty. Butterfly does not provide a warranty on the onsite assembly service or the Tryten Cart. Tryten Cart's 5-year warranty can be found here: https://tryten.com/warranty/.

Warranty Exclusions.
Butterfly's warranty herein does not cover issues/problems caused by a purchaser's acts (or failure to act), the acts of others, or events beyond Butterfly's reasonable control, including without limitation (1) accident, theft, misuse, abuse, extraordinary wear and tear, improper storage, improper maintenance, mishandling; (3) improper use or failure to follow Butterfly's User Manual or other instructions, (4) maintenance performed by a third party, use of the Butterfly iQ+ Bladder ultrasound probe with a non-approved device; (5) computer viruses, electrical power outages and/or failures and/or surges; (6) Acts of God or other force majeure events; and (7) disassembly or rewiring.

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