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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an optional security and advanced configuration feature that lets Butterfly Enterprise organizations manage access to their Butterfly account and optimize authentication workflows with their corporate-owned devices. With MDM configured, the Butterfly mobile app will respect advanced configurations deployed remotely with the application. 

Butterfly currently offers four MDM configuration options. Users can configure any of the options below independently and should do so based on their current operating environment. The configurations are:

  1. MDM Device Restrictions
  2. MDM Shared Device Rapid Log in
  3. Butterfly iQ Session Time Out
  4. Express Scan Mode

For environments with both corporate and personal devices in use, we recommend configuration options 1 and 4. Configurations 2 and 3 are applicable to shared corporate devices.

Required Prerequisites relevant to MDM platform settings:  

  • The Butterfly app is deployed to your corporate-owned mobile devices. We strongly recommend that the Butterfly app is configured to receive automated updates without user intervention as soon as the update is made available through the applicable app store. Since the Butterfly probes and app are together classified as a medical device - this will ensure that any critical changes or new/improved clinical functionality will reach our end users as quickly as possible.
  • The mobile devices have a passcode set for patient data security.
  • The Butterfly app has access to the device’s external port to access the app’s core functionality.
  • The Butterfly app has access to the device’s camera to take advantage of the barcode scanner functionality.


Custom Application Configurations:

Most Mobile Device Management platforms will allow you to configure specific settings for an app by using key/value pairs in the Custom Application Configuration settings. These settings can usually be found either within the Butterfly app profile settings or within the “Custom App Assignment” or “Deployment” tabs of the MDM platform.

Some platforms (such as Microsoft Intune) will require a bundle ID and/or app ID when configuring for Apple devices.

  • Bundle ID: com.butterflynetinc.iq
  • App ID: id1183035589

MDM Restrictions

With MDM device restrictions, Butterfly Enterprise organizations can restrict access to their Butterfly account to only devices that have an MDM profile installed. 

To enable MDM Device Restrictions:

  1. Contact your existing users alerting them that they will need an MDM-enrolled device to continue accessing Butterfly Cloud.
  2. Log into Butterfly using your Enterprise administrator email address and password via your custom Enterprise URL.
  3. Select your avatar on the top right corner of the screen and select "Enterprise Settings".
  4. Select the “MDM” tab. In this tab, you will see your Enterprise specific secret. 
  5. In your MDM system, deploy the “Butterfly iQ” app to the desired devices.
  6. Add a custom application configuration to the deployment and copy the key/value pair from Butterfly Cloud into that configuration.
    • Attribute Name: ApprovedEnterpriseDeviceSecret
    • Attribute Type:  string
    • Value (from Enterprise MDM Setting in Butterfly Cloud):  MySecRetStRiNg
  7. Once the app has deployed, check the box on Butterfly Cloud that says “Restrict logging into Butterfly iQ to devices provisioned with secret app configuration.”
  8. Log in from an approved device and confirm that you can log in successfully.

MDM Shared Device Rapid Log In

With Shared Device Rapid Log In enabled, the Butterfly app will open to the organization’s specific Enterprise URL without any additional typing or clicks. This setting is recommended for all of your MDM provisioned mobile devices.

To enable MDM Device Rapid Login:

  1. In your MDM system, deploy the “Butterfly iQ” app to the desired devices.
  2. Add a custom application configuration to the deployment with the following parameters.
    • Attribute Name: ButterflyDomain
    • Attribute Type:  string
    • Value (your subdomain): myhospital
      • For example, if your Enterprise URL is myhospital.butterflynetwork.com the value would simply be "myhospital".
      • NOTE: the value is case sensitive and must be all lowercase.
  3. Once the app and configuration has been deployed, open the app and you should be guided directly to your enterprise’s SSO login page.

Butterfly iQ Session Time Out

Note:  We recommend using Butterfly iQ Session Time Out on shared devices. 

Butterfly Enterprise users who are using a shared device will be logged out before the next scanner accesses the device. For devices that are deployed with MDM, the MDM administrator can use a custom application configuration to do two things:

  1. Enable phones to log out after a period of inactivity.
  2. Control the number of seconds after inactivity that the device will perform a log out.

To enable Butterfly iQ Mobile Device Time Out with MDM for your Organization:

  1. In your MDM system, deploy the “Butterfly iQ” app to the desired devices.
  2. Add a custom application configuration to the deployment with the key being “InactivityTimeoutSeconds” and the value being the number of seconds after the device goes idle will the log out occur. 
    • Attribute Name: InactivityTimeoutSeconds
    • Attribute Type:  integer
    • Value (time in seconds):  900
      • Please adjust the time as needed based on your workflow. For example - if multiple departmental users will be sharing the mobile device then you may want a shorter time out time, versus a device that may be used by a single provider for the duration of a shift.  
  3. Deploy the custom configuration to your devices with MDM and confirm that the time out functionality is working.

MDM Express Log In 

  1. In your MDM system, deploy the “Butterfly iQ” app to the desired devices.
  2. Add a custom application configuration to the deployment with the key being “SharedDevice.Secret” and the value being the secret key provided by your Informatics Solution Architect.
    1. Attribute Name: SharedDevice.Secret
    2. Attribute Type:  string
    3. Value (provided to you by your Informatics Solution Architect):  XXXXXX
    4. Note: Butterfly recommends using Express Scan Mode in conjunction with MDM Shared Device Rapid Log In and Butterfly iQ Session Time Out. For more information on Express Scan Mode, click here.

Note:  If you have previously deployed the Butterfly iQ application prior to deploying an MDM application configuration, you will need to force quit the application after the configuration has been applied. The next time the application is opened the MDM application configuration will be activated. 

Note: If you are logged out with captures in your exam reel that have not been uploaded you will have an opportunity to log back in and complete the upload.

Sample MDM Application Configuration 












*Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.






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