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Butterfly Link (Enterprise Workflow Customers)

Butterfly Link is a Windows based application installed on a server or workstation that securely connects a medical facility’s systems to Butterfly Cloud. Butterfly Link communicates with DICOM devices (PACS, ultrasound modalities, and modality worklists) to send and receive medical image data across the medical facility's network. Butterfly Link can also send and receive HL7 data between Butterfly Cloud and the facility’s EMR or interface engine(s). 

How does Butterfly Link work?

Butterfly Link is a 64-bit Windows executable that runs in the background as a Windows Service. The software has a very small installation footprint and all settings are configured from Butterfly Cloud. It has no interface installed on the workstation or server and does not store any Protected Health Information (PHI) data locally.

Butterfly Link makes an encrypted outbound WebSocket connection to Butterfly Cloud and this connection is used for bi-directional data flow. The connection is secured with two layers of protection:

  • A hospital-specific security code is validated against Butterfly records at the beginning of every session.
  • TLS 1.2 Encryption.  

Do we need a dedicated server for Butterfly Link?

A dedicated server is not required. The software will run in the background on a current application server as long as it meets the minimum specifications.

Can the software run in a virtual machine (VM) environment?

Butterfly Link can run on a VM as long as the server stays on, meets specifications, and has a static IP address.

Does the software require special backups?

Butterfly Link does not store any data on the machine. All configuration is stored in Butterfly Cloud. If the computer hosting the software fails, recovery can be quickly accomplished with a reinstall. Configuration will be automatically reapplied from Butterfly Cloud.

Is there a requirement for a server to be in the DMZ?


What are the network requirements?

The server hosting Butterfly Link must be able to communicate with your internal DICOM and HL7 end-points via TCP. Outbound HTTPS access must also be permitted to the Butterfly Cloud as per the System Requirements.

What are the system requirements?

  • Installers should confirm that they have access to Butterfly Cloud with Administrator permissions before initiating a Butterfly Link installation.
  • The installer requires local administrator rights to install software on the device due to Windows UAC, and the need for the installer to register the service.
  • The hosting server has a static or reserved IP address on the local area network.
  • The hosting server can access the Internet.

What are the hosting server minimum requirements?

  • Computer or virtual machine running Windows Server 2016 or later (64-bit)
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • At least 10 GB of free disk space
  • Network access to LAN on which hospital services are accessible (i.e. EMR, PACS, MWL, 3rd party Ultrasound machines)
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