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Using M-Mode

M-mode display imaging provides a high temporal resolution of tissue motion. M-mode display includes speed controls (Fast or Slow), the M-mode line, B-mode image, and a moving point to move the M-mode line.

To access M-Mode:

  1. From the imaging screen, select your desired preset and identify the area you'd like to image.

  2. Select Actions on the bottom of the imaging screen.
  3. Under Modes, select M-Mode.

To adjust the scan line angle:

Select the move point, which appears as a circle on the scan line, and drag it radially.

To adjust the sweep speed of the scan line display:

Select Slow or Fast to change sweep speed.

To perform an M-Mode measurement:

When you perform a measurement in M-mode, the App calculates time, heart rate (bpm), and distance based on the placement of the line.

  1. Select the snowflake to freeze the image.
  2. Select the Annotation button.
  3. To perform a distance measurement, select the line.
  4. Use the dots to position the cross-hairs.
  5. To delete the line, select the X next to the corresponding numeric measurement display, and select Delete Line to confirm.
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