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Configuring QA Cards

Only administrators can configure quality assurance (QA) cards in Butterfly Workflow.

Butterfly Standard QA: 

Your system is configured with a standard recommended QA card. This quality assurance review card features questions focused on image quality, interpretation, and acquisition feedback. When these questions are answered in the system structured data will be visible in the quality assurance dashboard. Administrators can configure additional settings for the Butterfly Standard QA Card in organization QA Settings.

To create a Custom QA card:

Butterfly recommends using the Butterfly Standard QA Card, however, if there is additional information you would like to capture while reviewing an exam, follow the steps below to create a custom QA card.

  1. Log into Butterfly Cloud using your Butterfly credentials.
  2. Select your avatar at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select “Organization Settings”.
  4. Select the QA tab.
  5. Select "Add" to create a new QA card.
  6. Name the QA Card and add a question. Questions can be multiple choice, checkboxes, long answer, or short answer.
  7. Add as many or as few questions as needed. Note that questions can be optional or required.
  8. When complete, select "Save and Exit." The QA card will be available for all administrators. 

To edit a QA card:

  1. From the QA tab, navigate to the QA card you wish to edit.
  2. Select "Edit" next to the card.
  3. Make the necessary changes, then select "Save and Exit."

Note that these changes will not be retroactively applied to studies where the QA card has already been used, but will apply to all subsequent use.



Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.

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