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DICOM Connections Troubleshooting Guide

My study is not sending to PACS

If you have an existing DICOM Connection from Butterfly Cloud to your PACS, VNA, or Modality Worklist systems, follow the steps below if you encounter problems. The troubleshooting steps must be performed by an administrator.

  1. When you are saving the study using the Butterfly iQ App, ensure that you are selecting the Archive that is associated with your DICOM destination.

  2. Verify that the connection is not paused. If you continually see a spinning PACS icon in the lower right of the study then the connection may be paused.


    If you are an Admin on Butterfly Cloud, then check the connection status as per below. If you are not an Admin user role - contact your Admin user and provide these troubleshooting steps.

    1. Unpause the PACS connection. Navigate to the DICOM Configuration menu. Click your username in the upper right of the window and select Organization Settings. Select the Connectivity tab and locate your PACS connection under the integration section.

    2. The message “Studies could not be synced” indicates that your connection is Paused due to an error that occurred. Select Resume and watch to make sure that the connection does not indicate a failure after resuming.

  3. The study has failed to send to PACS with a red indicator - Perform a DICOM Echo to ensure that Butterfly Cloud can still Communicate with your PACS.

    1. Select the Connectivity tab and click the ‘...’ next to the newly created DICOM connection that is in a failed status. Select the Echo option to perform a DICOM C-ECHO from Butterfly Cloud.

    2. Click Echo, then select Echo again in the white pop-up box to trigger a DICOM C-ECHO from Butterfly Cloud. Verify the output is similar to below. This output means that the PACS is able to receive data from Butterfly Cloud.

    3. If the output looks like the following - then there is failure in communication between Butterfly Cloud and the PACS. Contact Butterfly Support at support@butterflynetwork.com and send a copy of the Log file.

    4. To send the most recent log file - perform the following steps. Select the Logs option by clicking on the ‘...’ next to the DICOM connection that is in a failed status.

    5. Select the top-most log file - it should say “Unsuccessful Echo”. Click the caret to the right of the log name to expand the log contents.

    6. Copy/paste the entire log file contents into your email to Butterfly Support.

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